Addiction...Obsessive Conpulsive Disorder...or simply a tic, can define you as an individual to others or simply prevent you from becoming the person you have never had the choice to be. Come experience an exhibition of consistency, inconsiteency and stimulation through thought-provoking displays.

OPENING RECEPTION 11.17.11 6-8pm

EXHIBITION 11.14.11-11.23.11


ARTIST STATEMENT: Upon exploring the idea of voyeurism as a social epidemic, I have found that it encompasses every facet of our lives. The mainstream media has convinced us through voyeuristically charged television shows and magazines, that being surveilled is not only natural, it is chic. We’ve grown accustomed to the blinking red light. In some strange way we yearn for it. Lights, Camera....

REACTION STATEMENT: The show idiosyncrasy was many things. Some which are not appropriate for me to mention at this time, others far more positive. More than anything it has inspired me to continue pursuing an art degree, which, I feel very passionately about, in a time when people aren’t hiring artists. The show as a whole was a great success. Within the first two weeks of class I realized it was going to be a trial. Yet together we decided on a theme, logo, and marketing materials. The website was also a small group success. We worked together as a team and were able to create something not only memorable, but unique. The experience as a whole was amazing.