Addiction...Obsessive Conpulsive Disorder...or simply a tic, can define you as an individual to others or simply prevent you from becoming the person you have never had the choice to be. Come experience an exhibition of consistency, inconsiteency and stimulation through thought-provoking displays.

OPENING RECEPTION 11.17.11 6-8pm

EXHIBITION 11.14.11-11.23.11


ARTIST STATEMENT: It may be hard to believe that humans spend so much time and money on unnecessary aesthetic measures. Changing nail color, getting new designs, or maybe even just matching a certain outfit for that day is all apart of a particular fixation to cover up our original appearance. My artwork displays a small sample of certain peoples’ obsessions with their image through fingernail polishes and nail design. I anticipate that my work brings the viewer closer to understanding these individuals’ passion.

REACTION STATEMENT: I’m really glad that I got to be apart of this production. Being that the whole show was created and designed by graphic designers, I think that it was a breath of fresh air for us not to be restricted to a two-dimensional design. This class was an opportunity for us as students to take a step into what a possible job could be in the future. It was fun to create the show from start to finish. I think the biggest thing that I learned was to set aside ample time for errors. When it came down to finalizing the whole piece, one should always expect things to go wrong, and in my case it was my frame. Thankfully everything worked out in the end and everyone came together to have an awesome show!