Addiction...Obsessive Conpulsive Disorder...or simply a tic, can define you as an individual to others or simply prevent you from becoming the person you have never had the choice to be. Come experience an exhibition of consistency, inconsiteency and stimulation through thought-provoking displays.

OPENING RECEPTION 11.17.11 6-8pm

EXHIBITION 11.14.11-11.23.11


ARTIST STATEMENT: Poise is a piece based on a personal obsession with maintaining balance and control in life. More specifically, feeling responsible for not only my own emotions and relationships, but also the ones of the people closest to me. The purpose of my piece is to translate this internal struggle to something tangible and representational. Focusing on balance and stability, Poise is a piece that is only functional with every smaller piece in it’s right place. These smaller pieces are representational of specific relationships, emotions, people, etc. That are the main elements of the obsession itself.

REACTION STATEMENT: When the semester first started and we were given the task of picking a common theme for an exhibition and building projects around it, I knew that no matter what the theme ended up being, that I wanted to challenge myself. Without creative and material restrictions, I decided to take the three-dimensional route by building a mobile out of wire and individual pieces of colored resin containing pieces of rice that I had written on. This was a huge challenge for me because it involved not only precision when it came to writing on the rice pieces, but time and patience which are both things that are hard to come by. Attaching individual clasps to each resin piece was tedious and gave me more of an appreciation for the kinds of things that people within the three-dimensional and sculptural world do. My piece required thinking on a different level than one I was accustomed to. I feel that I was successful in portraying the message that I intended and I am pleased with how everything turned out. This was a great opportunity for us designers to show others our ability to think outside the normal “graphic design box” and I’m thankful to have been able to participate in the exhibition this year.