Addiction...Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...or simply a tic, can define you as an individual to others or simply prevent you from becoming the person you have never had the choice to be. Come experience an exhibition of consistency, inconsistency and stimulation through thought-provoking displays.

OPENING RECEPTION 11.17.11 6-8pm

EXHIBITION 11.14.11-11.23.11

Idiosyncratic methods of creation rejuvinate thought and inspire creativity. It can be said that an artist's ability to create can be directly linked to the idiosyncrasies of their creative process. What occurs when these methods become obsessions? Does it help or hinder the artist? Thirteen senior graphic design majors will be exploring the theme of obsession through a variety of mediums. The shows main goal is to understand what influences an artist and how idiosyncratic behaviors can enhance or arrest.