Addiction...Obsessive Conpulsive Disorder...or simply a tic, can define you as an individual to others or simply prevent you from becoming the person you have never had the choice to be. Come experience an exhibition of consistency, inconsiteency and stimulation through thought-provoking displays.

OPENING RECEPTION 11.17.11 6-8pm

EXHIBITION 11.14.11-11.23.11


ARTINST STATEMENT: Dysmorphophobia is a psychological disorder which causes the affected person to obsess over his or her perceived defects concerning their physical features. These defects however only exist in the person’s own mind. My composition will represent an extreme view of what one would witness if they had this disorder. Beauty is only skin deep.

REACTION STATEMENT: As a artist this project was a new and challenging experience. I have done sculpture before but never with these kinds of materials. These materials mainly consisted of liquid latex and mirror shards. Using these different types of materials really inspired me to create. As a graphic designer most of my work is structured by grid systems, it does get repetitive and sometimes difficult to think artistically. Creating this project inspired me to think outside the box and help me create a interesting work of art that I didn’t even know I was capable of making. In doing so I will incorporate this new source of inspiration into my future designs.